About us

We provide quality care and education for children in a guided play environment.

We ensure that the child's needs are paramount by providing a loving, understanding, accepting, respecting, warm, safe, environment in which the children can grow, share and learn under the guidance of caring and qualified staff.

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Daily Learning Experiences

Learning is Fun/ Play and Learn

Play, have fun and learn is what we believe so learning is imbibed all through the day.

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Enthusiastic Educators

Educators play a vital role in providing care and learning.

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Interesting Environment

Our interesting environment combines strong infrastructure, interesting learning resources and inspirational educational areas.

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Outdoor Fun and Physical Play

Physical play is essential for growing children. We provide this with outdoor fun, short walks to nearby places and excursions/educatioal trips.

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Safety, Development & Social Awareness

Safety and well being of the children comes as priority. Providing and balancing care, education, respect for other cultures is our focus.

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Educational Journey

Excellent early childhood education forms the strong foundations that is needed for a bright future.

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