Daily Learning Experiences

Learning is Fun/ Play and Learn

The children learn as they play and explore with teacher and peer co-construction. The children are given opportunities to be part of different play like water play, sand play, imaginary/dramatic play, creative play, exploratory play, sensory and messy play and so on. Our families (whanau) are always welcome to participate in their child’s learning and development. There will be time each day for outdoor and indoor exploration, individual and group learning opportunities, sleep time, restful time and kai times with our centres providing healthy cooked food. Group time is organised so children learn how to respond to the needs of others while in a group. This can involve the whole group, smaller groups for story and language development, music and movement, literacy, sharing, turn taking and much more. It is also a time of music, singing and enjoying listening to the reading of the stories by teachers.


Enthusiastic Educators

The centre follows the ratio of teacher and children as required by the Ministry of Education. The centre has qualified, experienced and passionate educators/teachers. Our teachers provide purposeful experiences that introduce children to developing early concepts of maths, science, art, reading and other curriculum areas. The teachers provide opportunities that enable them to learn how to respect themselves and others, while encouraging exploration of their environment in a safe and fun way. With the spirit of freedom, enquiring minds, child-lead learning and teachers co-construction, the children blossom in all areas.


Interesting Environment

Infrastructure- The centre provides learning experiences by providing safe and age suitable infrastructure. Both outdoors and indoors are appropriate for exploration and learning. The under twos and over twos have separate outdoor areas. The over twos have a covered area to play on for varied weather conditions.

Learning Resources- Interesting resources that suits the age and different curricular areas are provided and updated regularly. These varied resources enhance interest and enables the children to absorb knowledge of all curricular areas.

Inspirational educational areas – The children’s interests are observed and they are further encouraged by responding with provocations, inspirational learning corners/areas and interesting table set ups. We believe the environment is the third effective teacher. Educators daily set up provocations both indoors and outdoors that suits the planned and emergent curriculum. The children are captured by wonder and curiousity where they explore with enthusiasm and learn by being involved in play.


Outdoor Fun and Physical Play

Children are developing gross motor skills, co-ordination, social skills and special awareness. Climbing the boxes, swinging on monkey bars, jumping, throwing and kicking the balls and many other outdoor fun and physical explorations enable the children to challenge themselves, learn and explore their own body movement. This outdoor fun in the play area and walks to nearby parks and play will help develop the left and right brain connections that supports brain development and learning.  We also provide excursions and educational trips along with parent helpers.


Safety, Development and Social Awareness

We provide opportunities for the children to have all round personality development by focusing on three areas - strengthening positive dispositions; developing skills and absorption of knowledge. We look after tamariki (children) from many different cultures, families and home environments so we are able to adapt our teaching to the needs of each child. We include experiences relating to bi-cultural and multi-cultural aspects that enable children to develop, respect and embrace other cultures.  


Educational Journey

We nurture a sense of wonder, curiosity, creativity, and excitement every day to help children learn the skills, gain knowledge and strengthen the dispositions they need for their education journey.

Literacy and Numeracy: The children learn numeracy and literacy through spontaneous and organised play. Our centres offer a print rich environment that helps expose children to all forms of literacy and numeracy. During play they are encouraged to recognise numbers, what comes before and after a number, count, add and subtract numbers. 

Language, Maths, Science and Technology:  Children are immersed in language and words at our centres through displays and during interaction with teachers. Storytelling and books from an early age encourage children to explore a world of make believe, fantasy as well as facts. Reading books and looking at pictures also helps foster a love of books, and develop the understanding that the words tell a story. The early mathematical and science concepts are comprehended and absorbed while they play and are also presented at sharing time, such as measurements, volume, weight and so on. They understand early science concepts by exploring the texture of wet and dry sand, colour mixing with water, properties of liquids and solids, sinking and floating experiments, ice blocks and water play etc. During cooking and baking experiences they are developing technology, science and maths concepts.