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Why Childsplay and what makes a great daycare centre?

There are a wide variety of child daycare centres in Auckland to choose from, and the quality of care that they offer is also quite varied. Providing safe, trustworthy childcare for your child, is a personal and often daunting decision for parents to undertake. Family values, finances, flexibility and most importantly the individual needs of your child are all factors relevant to this choice.

As with many of the choices we make, your ‘gut feeling’ about a childcare facility can often offer valuable insights. When entering a building there will be obvious things that will stand out to you, such as cleanliness, odour, staff, facility presentation and the overall ‘feel’ of the place. The correct choice is often the one that feels best for you and your family, however there are some basic components to the decision that should be factored in.

A childcare centre should have some basic attributes that are easily identifiable and that can be used to benchmark the facility. There are regulations in place by government authorities which have to be adhered to in relation to building standards, however other factors are also just as important.

Here is a list you can use to see if the childcare centre you choose is meeting the mark

1. Cleanliness . First impressions of a daycare can be formed through any odours present. For example, do you detect a stuffy, mouldy smell present in the building, or is the air pleasant and fresh? Is there a strong smell of odour maskers that could be covering up unclean areas such as blocked drains, water seepage or is the air clean and non odorous? Ventilation is a very important factor in a daycare centre to prevent bacteria and viruses from forming and to keep the areas hygienic and safe for your child.

2. Staff.  How were you greeted when you entered the building? Were the staff helpful and friendly? Were they stressed or relaxed? Did the childcare centre seem to run efficiently or did it appear unorganised and disheveled. A smooth operation can be the deciding factor for many parents when looking for a suitable venue.

3. Facilities. What is offered at the centre? What does the daycare venue offer for breakfast, morning tea, lunches and so on? Knowing that your child is supplied with a nourishing meal is very valuable and leads to much happier children throughout, and at the end of the day. What else does the facility provide? Is there play equipment that is deemed safe and is in good condition? Are the bathrooms modern and well cleaned? Is the parking area easy to use, and are the floor surfaces in good order? Children love to spend time playing on the floor so flooring materials should be easy to clean and safe to play on.

At Childsplay Daycare Centre in Auckland we have two dedicated child care facilities, Kingsland and Mt Roskill. Our staff are friendly and highly experienced, ensuring the best possible educational and caring environment for your child. We are open from 7.30am to 5pm and take children from any age up to 5 years and also provide nutritious, healthy meals for your children.

If you are looking for a reliable, safe and dedicated childcare facility in Auckland, then please give Childsplay a call. We really care for your kids and are passionate about providing the best childcare facilities in Auckland.



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