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Childcare can benefit your child!

There is much debate regarding the merits and drawbacks of placing a child in daycare. This is hardly surprising as most decisions relating to the wellbeing and development of our children are decisions that parents weigh-up with care.

Concerns regarding the impact on the childs behavioral patterns and their longterm academic development are often a priority, yet a number of studies on the topic seem to demonstrate conflicting findings. The longest running study to date was carried out by the  U.S. National Institute of Health, following more than 1300 children for over a decade.  Significantly, the study showed positive results for chidren who had been placed in “high-quality childcare“, thus emphasizing the importance of selecting a daycare centre offering a very high standard of care.

Interestingly, children who spent time in high quality childcare were found to score higher on measures of academic and cognitive achievement as a teenager, compared to other groups. They were also less likely to act out in later years, than teens who were in lower-quality childcare.

Other studies assessing how daycare centres contribute to the development of children and whether it influenced them in their adolescence years showed the following advantages of quality childcare:

  • Children benefited hugely from the high level of interaction with other children
  • Children were mentally stimulated by the play time and other ‘fun’ activities that quality child care centres provide
  • Children learn to communicate with other children, developing their speech and early social interaction skills
  • Children learn to be more independent, positively impacting their personal development
  • Children develop Cognitive skills faster than children who do not attend good day cares
  • Children who attend a quality day care centre are likely to score higher in academic and cognitive achievement
  • Children who attend quality daycare are less likely to report behavioral problems
  • Parents were found to be the greatest influence on a child, completely irrespective of the type of childcare received

If you are looking to enrol your child/children in a daycare centre, be sure to give priority to finding the best childcare available in your area.

If you are a parent in Auckland, why not visit Childsplay Unlimited at either of our two branches (we are located in both Kingsland and Mt Roskill). We care for the individual needs of your child. We know that not all children are the same. We provide quality care, an outstanding facility and learning programme, a caring environment and staff who are qualified and experienced to fully care for your children.

We give children the ability to dream and find the “fun” in everything that they do at Childsplay Unlimited.

“Children are our future generation and need to be taken care of and well looked after. Choose childcare Unlimited for the best day care experience for your children”




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